Serve your data with ease.

Serve completely handles your API infrastructure with no hassle on your end.

Trusted by dozens on YC companies

Join our customers in saving hundreds of hours building out APIs

Software that accelerates startup growth.

Serve allows you to automate your data with ease and save hours of development time.

Connect your data

Connect databases, spreadsheets or even CSV/JSON files directly through your dashboard.

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Generate API endpoints

Workflows will automatically generate an API endpoint that you can fetch and get your requested data from.

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Call them directly from your apps

Once an API endpoint is generated, it's ready to be put in production and be used in your apps.

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A performance-first approach to API automation.

Built with security and reliability in mind.
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Fast & secure platform
We're building APIs for all types of databases with high-level security.
Built-in Visualizer
Generate a visual schema of your data with useful insights & intuitive navigation.
We believe in transparency when it comes to your company's data management.

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